Va Cave Week 20156

Presented by friends of the Virginia Cave Board

This year we are celebrating Virginia Cave Week
April 17 through 23, 2016


Cave Week Theme

"The HOLE Truth about Sinkholes"

Let's hear it for Virginia Cave Week!

Virginia Cave Week promotes an understanding of Virginia's caves and the surrounding limestone habitats known as karst. Sponsored by the Virginia Cave Board, the week is used to encourage educators of all subjects to actively engage their students from kindergarten through high school using in-class activities and by visiting one of the state's numerous commercial caves.

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Each year offers different areas of focus for VA Cave Week.  The theme for 2016 is “The HOLE Truth About Sinkholes!”.

A Sinkhole is a natural depression on the land surface typically shaped like a bowl or cone. Sinkholes are common in regions of karst, where mildly acidic groundwater has dissolved rock such as limestone, dolostone, marble, or gypsum.

Sinkholes can serve as a natural catchment area where surface water enters the subsurface to recharge karst aquifers.  Trash and debris dumped into sinkholes can lead to pollution of caves and ground water. 

The goal is to increase understanding of sinkholes; to learn how and where they form, the potential threat to groundwater and cave environments if improper management practices are used, provide guidance in proper management of sinkholes, and most importantly to assist landowners-individuals who wish to initiate a sinkhole cleanout project. 

Proper sinkhole management and sinkhole cleanout projects are efforts that not only protect the groundwater that becomes our drinking water, but can also result in preservation and restoration of a sensitive biological diversity in karst regions that exist both above and below ground. 

Sinkhole cleanout projects are a practical way to protect caves and improve the quality of groundwater in karst aquifers. 

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Hole truth-Sinkholes

Virginia Cave Week Activities

Seee a short video on "The Sinkhole from Hell"

Sinkhole Cleanout Projects are being identified and scheduled throughout Virginia not just during VA Cave Week but on an ongoing basis!

Saturday April 23- Rockingham Co, VA.   A sinkhole cleanout will occur due to combined efforts of a landowner, “Friends of the VA Cave Board” and cavers from the Virginia Region (  Details here

Upcoming 2016- Frederick Co, VA.  A sinkhole cleanout project will occur at the Ogden’s Cave Natural Area Preserve   under direction of the Virginia Natural Heritage Program and volunteers recruited through the Ogden’s Cave Stewardship Committee.  See this websight:

**In addition to the identification of sinkhole cleanup projects….  Visit the commercial caves throughout Virginia for an awesome underground experience and pick up free brochures on the Fragile Underground, National Speleological Society, BATS, and others.

More details coming soon!


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