Cave Scavenger Hunt

A learning activity designed by the Virginia Cave Board

April 22, 2012

Print out the single page document below containing pictures of different features of a cave. Each student then takes the sheet and finds the different features in a commercial cave or cave exhibit. When the student finds each karst feature, he or she should check it off on the sheet.

For those classes that can't get to a commercial cave or a cave exhibit, it's still possible to have a "Cave Scavenger Hunt" right in your own classroom. Simply print out the individual photos supplied below, laminate them if desired, and then hide them around your classroom, or in and around the playground. Then let the students search for each feature using the Cave Scavenger Hunt feature sheet as a guide. Note, you can trim off the feature name from each feature photo if desired.

Cave Scavenger Hunt Sheet

Cave Scavenger Hunt Feature Sheet


Individual Cave Feature Photos
Soda Straws
Drip Pool
Rimstone Dams
Dogtooth Spar
Cave Bacon
Fossils in Limestone