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Photo by Dave Socky


Photo by Dave Socky


Links to find information about the Virginia Big Eared Bat

Save the Dates for BatsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure

Living on Karst by the CCV

Virginia Natural Heritage Karst Program: Cave and Karst Protection

Virginia Natural Heritage Karst Program: Bats of Virginia

Virginia Speleological Survey

See a 3-D Rendering Model of Two Caves

Cave Biology: More Than Skin Deep

Cave Biology: Anchialine Caves and Cave Fauna of the World

Cave Biota Video Clips: Cave Biota has some wonderful videos which show cave creatures in their natural habitat. You can order a DVD from this site, or, if you get permission, you may be able to download video clips for use in your classroom.

University of Texas: Biology of Caves, Karst, and Groundwater

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