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Information About White Nose Syndrome (WNS)




  The winters have not been kind to bats. White Nose Syndrome (WNS) (named for the tell-tale fuzzy white fungus that grows on sick bats' noses) has continued to spread. Bats are essentially starving to death. Affected bat populations continue to decline, and WNS has reached the margins of habitat of previously unaffected species, raising concerns about what will come next.

White-Nose Syndrome Information - A coordinated response to the devastating Bat Disease

The White-nose Syndrome Story Map - You can click on this from year to year and study the spread of WNS. You can also click on the "2" above the bat photo and get a range map for each species overlaid onto the WNS map.

NSS White Nose Syndrome Information Page

DCR: VA Natural Heritage Karst Education Program

Virginia Cave Board

WNS Poster number 1    (PDF file)

WNS Poster number 2   (PDF file)

Why Why Whitenose - A song by Marian McConnell.  Click on title above to listen to the song.  Click here for the lyrics (opens in a seperate tab)



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