Va Cave Week

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Information on Cave Week Lessons



2014 Cave Week Lesson - Did George Washington Sleep here? (PDF opens in a new tab)

Cave Water Cycle Lesson Plan with Station Signs

Project Underground

Earth Science Week in the National Parks

Cave Scavenger Hunt - A learning activity designed by the Virgnia Cave Board

Karst Scavenger Hunt - A learning activity designed by the Virgnia Cave Board

Save the Dates for BatsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure

Bats in the Web of Life - 2012 Cave Week lesson plan by the Va Cave Board

Bats in the Classroom - Activities Across the Curriculum

Night Friends: Bats of the Americas - [National Wildlife Federation] (PDF File)

NASA: "The Story of Echo the Bat" - read a story tracing the life of a newborn bat

"Sinkholes in a Cup" - This lesson was adapted from the one in the Project Underground Activity Guide

Karst Resources for Teachers: check out lessons links and unit ideas.

"Sugar Cube Karst" lesson activity (PDF file)

"Karst Topography" activity

National Park Services: A Teachers Guide to Caves

"Karst Cave and Groundwater Contamination" Activity (PDF file)

"Down By the River" Activity

Lesson Resources

Bat Math Maze  -  click here for the answer

Hollow Ground: the Land of Caverns, Sinkholes, & Springs: A video for Middle and High School Students

Citizen Science Project on Bats (Bat Detective - Help scientists classify bat calls!)

Kinder Korner - All about bats

AIMS Books "Bats Incredible"

AGI - Leading a Field Trip

WNS Poster   (PDF file)





Aaron Moses straddling a pool - Photo by Rickey Shortt



Taking photos - Photo by Dave Socky




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