Va Cave Week

Presented by friends of the Virginia Cave Board

This year we are celebrating Virginia Cave Week
May 31 through June 6, 2020


Cave Week Theme

"The Karst Landscape"


Let's hear it for Virginia Cave Week!

Virginia Cave Week promotes an understanding of Virginia's caves and the surrounding limestone habitats known as karst. Sponsored by the Virginia Cave Board, the week is used to highlight a specific theme related to karst and provide resources and educational opportunities to engage the community in conservation efforts. Educators are encouraged to involve their students using in-class activities and visitation to the state's numerous commercial caves

This Web site is a resource for material related to cave and karst education. Check out the different tabs for information and links having to do with caves, karst-related education, class-room activities, virtual caves, and more. Enjoy.

Virginia Cave Week Events and Activities

During Virginia Cave Week, you are invited to participate in the following specially scheduled events and activities.

Activities will Be Announced as they are scheduled


Va Cave & Karst Trail

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Grand Caverns

Grand Caverns - photo by Dave Socky




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